The Assignment:

Imagine, you’re an investor who has just spent millions of dollars renovating a historic hotel, and during the pre-opening phase, renderings of the hotel are released on social media only to receive backlash from members of the DTLA community. They called the design “generic” and “unoriginal.”

What happened next? Hotel Figueroa’s marketing team hired Pink Graffiti to create an opening social media strategy that would combat the negative commentary and reintroduce the community to the historical significance of the hotel. 

The Solution

By applying the PowerStory formula, Pink Graffiti quickly recognized the creation story had been forgotten throughout Hotel Figueroa’s 92 years. The original Spanish Colonial design had been covered and recreated in the late-70s as a Moroccan-themed hotel, and the founding stories were lost and replaced with tales of wild pool parties. Naturally, some in community had very fond memories that they felt were being destroyed.

Little did many know…Hotel Figueroa was the first hotel financed by and built for women in 1926, and Maude Bouldin, who was known as the first female managing director in the U.S., led the opening of the all-female establishment. The hotel’s history was significant, and it perfectly fit the values of a new generation of women making “herstory.”

In order to spread this forgotten story of pioneering women, the social media strategy focused on restoring all the Hotel Figueroa stories as well as those of the DTLA community. This was an opportunity to weave together the stories and connect them through visuals and educational content. Additionally, Pink Graffiti knew it was essential to create alliances within the community, and we partnered with local women’s groups and female influencers to ensure Hotel Figueroa’s “herstory” began taking root as part of a modern restoration of female empowerment.

The Success Story

Not only did the DTLA community begin to embrace the hotel, but during the opening months, Hotel Figueroa’s saw the following results:

  • Hotel Figueroa’s Instagram account grew to 12K followers , a 75% increase. 

  • Hotel Figueroa’s Facebook account grew to 24K followers, a 28% increase. 

  • On average, the hotel received between 800 - 1,700 clicked links from the Facebook business page. 

  • On average, Instagram posts averaged between 200 to 1098 engagements, and Instagram was also the second top referring site for the hotel. 

  • The hotel’s Instagram feed was featured in The New York Times for an article titled, "Instagram Offers Visual Allure, and the Travel Industry Wants In."

Lindsey Morano