Basic psychology teaches us that we make decisions based on emotions, and then we rationalize our decisions. You can talk all day long about your facts, figures and features, but they may not move the needle. You must begin with storytelling. You must begin with the nuanced dance of emotion-making through visuals, videos, language and experiences that resonate with the values of your ideal client.

To connect and relate, we start with creating indelible stories. We must stray for a moment from the rational. After all, emotions are the building blocks of memories. Businesses that can create and share purposeful stories will eclipse their competitors. 

Pink Graffiti provides powerful and purposeful digital storytelling through speciality services, including social media, brand marketing and public relations. 

Pink Graffiti Social Media Agency NYC

Social MEDIA

With more than 1.94 billion active users on Facebook, 700 million Instagram users, 328 million Twitter users and 166 million Snapchat users, social media has become the largest publishing and distribution opportunity for businesses, and it's not going away.

In fact, 85% of businesses are using social media to drive traffic to their websites and increase awareness. However, many businesses are uncertain if social media is really working for them. So odd. Why? Because too many "so-called" social media managers are only curating ( at best) not converting. Pink Graffiti knows how to remedy this problem, and we start with digital storytelling. 

Pink Graffiti Brand Marketing NYC


Generic never wins. In fact, generic fails. Great businesses must stand for something, which is why we always start with purpose. 

Branding is the truest expression and experience of a business, person, product or service. It is a set of perceptions and values that define parameters. Marketing on the other hand, is the act of tactically and strategically supporting sales by targeting a specific market.

Brand marketing marries the two. It allows for your brand to lead the way you attract and engage your customer. 

Pink Graffiti Public Relations Agency NYC


You can proclaim it to the world. Will they listen? Media relations offers the indispensable value of a third-party endorsement. When an authority such as  a journalist or blogger includes your business in a story or article, they lend their credibility to you. This creates trust faster with your target audience.