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Pink Graffiti is a New York City-based digital storytelling agency at the intersection of brand management, content marketing, public relations and social media. We excel in transforming our client’s online communications from generic to massively influential. Dare we say…irresistible. 

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Cole Hernandez Pink Graffiti NYC

Hello brilliant change maker!

I’m Cole Hernandez. I founded Pink Graffiti after working for more than 13 years as a brand marketing strategist and public relations executive. 

I've worked with a range of clients from the world's top hotels like The Surrey, Lotte New York Palace and 1 Hotels to restaurants like The National by celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian to wellness industry experts like Sleep Expert Dr. Rebecca Robbins and even nonprofits.

What I have learned from years of creating campaigns for my clients is that the most compelling and beloved companies take a stand when it comes to their values and vision. They aim for exceptional. They aim to create change through their services and products. They proceed with purpose. 

I believe in digital storytelling as the most effective avenue for communicating a brand's purpose, creating massive buzz and making a lasting mark in your industry. This requires a 360-degree approach to creating storylines through your online marketing channels from your website copy to social media content and digital channels. This is why Pink Graffiti lives at the intersection of social media marketing, public relations and brand management as our primary pillars of operation. Oh...and we also top that off with some loving ninja-like behavioral psychology. 

If you are ready to have your services and products shared by the masses and sold as quickly as fidget spinners, let's chat. 

And you probably noticed, we like to have some around here...