The “Rule of Seven” is a guiding marketing principle created by Dr. Jeffrey Lant. It states that you must contact your buyers a minimum of seven times in an 18-month period. 

Whether the specific number of seven is a hard and fast rule is debatable. The essence of the message is simply that your target audience must hear from you consistently over time. 

To understand this concept from a buyer’s perspective, you have to consider that your prospective client is more likely to buy from brands and people they know, like and trust. Plus, you must be relevant to the problem your target customer is trying to solve. 

The trust factor becomes even more important as your price point increases. For example, a prospective client purchasing a $10 product may not need to be marketed to as heavily as someone purchasing a $100 product. As the price increases, the risk for the customer increases, and the company must spend more money and time on creating a lasting impression and building a sense of value. 

For example, I recently spent $1,000 for an online training from someone who I follow on social media. However, I only made this purchase after six months of watching his free content and experiencing the value of his $75 entry-level online course.

Too often, business owners and entrepreneurs want to rush the sale. After all, you have a revenue goal to hit for the month. However, it is really important to play the long game and give free value or offer an entry-level product to establish credibility. 

As you begin to plan out your marketing, try to establish at least seven ways you can garner the attention of your target audience. You will not convert everyone, but you will begin to note the power of consistent communication. 

Cole Hernandez