Basic psychology teaches us that we make decisions based on emotions, and then we rationalize our decisions.




Companies can talk all day long about facts, figures and features, but they may not move the needle. (Unless you are one of those people who is dead inside and maybe these persuasion techniques work.) You must begin with storytelling. You must begin with the nuanced dance of emotion-making through visuals, videos, language and experiences that resonate with the values of your ideal client.

After all, emotions are the building blocks of memories, and we are all about creating familiarity and trust with your customer. Businesses that can create and share purposeful stories will eclipse their competitors and sell their products and services! (Speaking of eclipse, did you look up, too?)

Pink Graffiti provides powerful and purposeful brand storytelling through the intersection of social media marketing, brand management and public relations. Allow us to transform your business from meh to massively successful like those fidget widgets.


Brand Management

Generic never wins. In fact, generic fails. Think of it like this... Do you even remember the name of one generic cereal at the grocery store? Nope. But, I bet you do know which cereal Tony the Tiger reps! 

Great businesses must stand for something, which is why we always start with purpose. We start with digging into the brand. Once defined, we protect the brand's assets by setting guidelines. 

  • Brand voice and personality packaging

  • Story architecture

  • Partnership development and programming

  • Brand positioning

  • Branded communication standard guidelines for customer service teams

  • Creative direction and production for photography and video assets

TOMS...such a great example of brand management and storytelling

TOMS...such a great example of brand management and storytelling

Mural of Audrey Hepburn at Caffe Roma

Mural of Audrey Hepburn at Caffe Roma


Content Marketing

Content Marketing is truly the big-pink-pumping-heart of Digital Storytelling. It is the creation and curation of visuals, video, copy and experiences to attract a specific audience and build trust & likability. It's relationship building at its best, and like any great relationship, it requires constant and consistent effort. 

  • Content marketing calendar strategy plans

  • Scripting and storyboarding for blogs, video, social media posts and podcasts

  • Brochures and sales material copywriting

  • Website copywriting with SEO

  • Sales funnels & newsletters

  • Blog and magazine contributor outreach/partnerships

  • Pop-up experiences with social media activations


Public Relations


You can proclaim it to the world. Will they listen? Public relations offers the indispensable value of a third-party endorsement. When an authority such as  a journalist or blogger includes your business in a story or article, they lend their credibility to you. This creates trust faster with your target audience. Plus, who
doesn't love seeing their name in The New York Times? Just sayin'. 

With more articles available online, we also feel that video and quality photography are a must for today's media kit. 

  • DNA story development & programming

  • Industry expert media relations

  • Hotel + tourism media relations

  • Post-event servicing for celebrity highlights

  • Partner and brand collaboration outreach

  • Media kit creation

  • Media monitoring

Loving some Wallpaper candy. One of our favorite design magazines.

Loving some Wallpaper candy. One of our favorite design magazines.


Social Media 

With more than 2 billion active users on Facebook, 700 million Instagram users, 328 million Twitter users, 500 million LinkedIn users and 173 million Snapchat users, Social Media has become the largest publishing and distribution opportunity for businesses, and it's not going away. In fact, 85% of businesses are using social media to drive traffic to their websites and increase awareness. 

  • Social media management

  • Facebook + Instagram advertising

  • Influencer relations + campaigns

  • Live video support

  • Contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways

  • Content creation and curation, including videos and GIFs

  • Community management