WORK 1:1

If you desire to work on the business of your business without the additional responsibility of learning how to manage and implement top marketing and branding strategies yourself, you may want to consider working with Cole Hernandez 1:1 at Pink Graffiti.



You're a change maker. You're a good-hearted rebel on a mission. You offer products and services that make the world a better place. Yet, "UGH"...too few people know about your business, and worse yet, you are feeling in a bit of a downward-spiraling funk because you've already invested so much time and effort into making your dreams take flight. It's time to PROCEED WITH PURPOSE.

Why Purpose?

Purpose draws people in. Purpose allows customers to feel they are part of a community. Purpose makes them obsess over you. Purpose is the reason someone wants to buy from you. Purpose creates the excitement for a customer to tell their friends about you. 

Do you feel like you are screaming your purpose, but no one else hears you?

May I be of assistance? 

Here's the deal. You may be great at running your business, but sometimes you are too close to your business to see what's not working. That's where I come in. 

Together, we assess the holes in your marketing strategy. 

Together, we create a cohesive storyline and parse out messages to the audiences that will actually care. 

Together, we get you right where you need to be -- profitable and living in your purpose. 

Want to discuss this further? 

Cool. Me too. 

Here's what I want you to know before we go further...

I don't work with everyone. I ONLY work with passion-filled entrepreneurs and businesses that want to put in the work required to get the job done with grace, ease and side of fun. 

So let's start here. Please click below to send me a quick email. I'll send you an overview of services and an online form to learn more about your business. We will then set up a 20-minute intro call or Skype session to see if we'd be a fit. 




Cole and I collaborated on a project transforming my research on sleep into thoughtful, industry leading initiatives for guests’ sleep experience in an NYC-based boutique hotel. With Cole as the marketing lead, our program has received international coverage at such outlets as Martha Stewart Living, the New York Times and CBS this morning. Cole is highly talented, professional, and visionary.
— Rebecca Robbins, Sleep Expert & Co-Author of Sleep for Success
As the owner of a dog training company in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, I’m always looking to meet new customers and create an opportunity to fill up my programs. Cole created a Facebook campaign for us that helped communicate our services and offerings in a fun and light-hearted way. The results exceeded my expectations in terms of the exposure and engagement. I know for a fact, I was able to take a simple $30 Facebook ad spend and turn it into a $750 sale. Overall, I booked 5X more customers than when I tried to launch a program on my own. That’s better odds than Vegas.
— Bryan Thomas, Owner of A New Leash on Life
Cole was the best marketing hire we made during my time at Denihan!
— Alex Zesch, Senior Engineer for Stash Rewards